Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I order an ID card or Member Handbook for my employee?

A. You can print additional ID cards and Member Handbooks for any employee from your secure Employer connection. Your employee can also print them from the secure Member connection.

Q. How do I add a new employee to my account?

A. Add a new employee quickly and easily by logging in to our secure Employer connection and clicking on “Add A New Employee”.

Q. How do I confirm that an employee is eligible for coverage?

A. Simply log in to our secure Employer connection to check employee eligibility, or you can contact your Billing and Eligibility Representative.  

Q. Can my employee add a family member to his/her dental coverage at any time?

A. Dependents can be added to an enrolled member’s policy during your group’s open enrollment period or within 30 days of a qualifying event.

Q. What are considered qualifying events?

A. Qualifying events include marriage, divorce, birth or legal adoption, death or loss of coverage.

Q. How do I terminate an employee from my account?

A. Terminate an existing employee quickly and easily by logging in to our secure Employer connection, looking up the employee using the Employee Lookup feature on the left, and then clicking on “Terminate” under the Coverage tab.

Q. How do I change an employee’s address?

A. Change an employee’s address by logging in to our secure Employer connection.

Q. Who can I call with billing questions?

A. During implementation, each group is assigned a dedicated Billing and Eligibility Representative to help with any questions, this dedicated resource is your point of contact for your billing questions.  

Q. When should I expect my billing statement to arrive?

A. If your group is billed weekly for claims, a weekly claims bill will be emailed to you by Thursday each week. You will also receive via email a monthly bill for your administration fees by the fifth business day of the month for the prior month.
If your group is billed monthly for claims, you will receive your bill via email by the fifth business day of the month for both claims and administration fees for the prior month.

Q. When is my administration fee and claims payment due each month?

A. Payments are due the first of the month by automatic draft or electronic funds transfer.  Your payment method, decided on during implementation can be changed by contacting your Client Manager.  


Q. How do I obtain a copy of my billing statement?

A. Billing statements can be viewed by logging in to our secure Employer connection.

Q. Can you explain the Prior Amount Billed on my billing statement?

A. If your payment for the prior month has not been received and posted when you next bill is produced, the Prior Amount Billed will appear as due on your billing statement.

Q. Can I change my group’s waiting period?

A. Any changes to benefits or eligibility can be made on the renewal date of your group plan. The request will need to be made in writing by the Group Administrator and submitted to your Client Manager.