Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register to use the secure Payor connection?

A. Contact your Client Manager. They will work with you to complete the necessary security forms and get your login information.

Q. Who do I contact with questions or if I need help running a report or using the site?

A. Your Client Manager is your primary contact for all things related to ReadySetDental.

Q. Why isn't a member displaying on the website?

A. The secure Payor connection site displays current eligibility in the system. If you have a new member that hasn't come across the eligibility feed, you won't yet see them display. If you believe a member should be displayed, email your Electronic Eligibility Coordinator (EEC) at

Q. Why does it say EOB Not Available on the member's claim tab?

A. Your Plan Administrator will only display an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for claims they processed on ReadySetDental. Claims not processed by your Plan Administrator will not display an EOB.

Q. How do I change my customer's information online?

A. You cannot change customer information online.  To change your customer information, send it through a data feed to the Plan Administrator to be displayed online.

Q. Why does my billing tab say No Bill Available?

A. If your Plan Administrator doesn't provide premium billing for your customers, then no bill will display.  If your Plan Administrator does produce premium bills for your customers and no bill displays, please contact your Client Manager.

Q. What do I do when I can't find one of my customer's?

A. Check to see if your customer has been sent through the data feed, new customers will not display until the data feed has been received and are current in the system.   Also, when searching customers, check to see if you checked the box to  display inactive. If you cannot locate a customer you believe should be displayed, contact your Client Manager. 

Q. How do I terminate an employee who has login access to our secure Payor connection?

A.  Contact your Client Manager to request a security change.  They'll need you to give them the employee name and termination date.  

Q. What is the difference in the reports I see on the main page Reports tab, and what I see on the Customer page?

A. The reports displayed on the main page are Book of Business reports.  The reports on the Customer page are customer specific reports. 

Q. What am I able to do with access to the secure Payor connection?

A. With general access, you are able to view customer and member information, plan highlights and benefit details. You also have access to run management reports on demand, including reports focused on enrollments, claims, providers, and summary information.